Mount Tangkubanparahu is an active volcanoe, located in the north side of Bandung, it’s the natural border of West Bandung Regency in the south, and Subang Regency in the north.

Mount Tangkubanparahu is a famous tourist attractions, because one of the four crater position (which is “Kawah Ratu” or “Queen Crater”) were on the ridge of the parking yard.

Visitor who came here will enjoy the clean air, thick fog and the smell of sulfur from the crater.

How we can reach Mount Tangkubanparahu ?

1. Foreigners, could use airliner that serve Bandung Husein Sastranegara Airport, three international cities (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru (Malaysia)) are connecting with Bandung with famous airliner AirAsia, Batavia Air, Malaysia Airlines and Firefly.

2. Arriving in Bandung airport, foreigner can choose whether using a cab or renting a car to reach Mount Tangkubanparahu, I recommended that you choose renting a car from the airport, because airport cab were only serve by PRIMKOPAU cab company, which the cab armada is old, not air conditioned and the driver is smoking, and the price is not reasonable.